Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busy busy busy!

Oh my, have we been busy! Brandon led worship on Sunday, and we went to the Glennens house that night to celebrate Bill's birthday (if you ask Eli how old Bill is he'll show you 1 finger). Eli was down playing with the kids and he came upstairs bawling hysterically. I was thinking something horrible happened, but when I asked the kids they said "the twins tried to put a dress on Eli". I could hardly keep from laughing. I guess I should be glad he doesn't want to wear a dress! The kids and I are pretty much over their colds, but Brandon has had a relapse and still isn't feeling the greatest. Poor guy! Cora has slept terribly throughout hers (no surprise). I finally got a better night of sleep last night. Yesterday morning I woke up thinking that she'd had a better night (I was only up with her like 4 times) and mentioned it to Brandon. He said he was up with her 4 times. Sheesh. I guess I was so tired I didn't hear her (parent fail!). She doesn't cry when she's stuffed up she just wakes up a lot and wants her pacifier. Glad to be done with that! The really great thing that came out of going on vacation is that she's going to bed earlier. She goes to bed now between 7:30 and 8:30, which is the same times as Eli. Thank GOD! It's really nice to be able to go to bed early! Cora is grabbing toys and everything in sight. Even when she's nursing, she'll stop and focus hard to grab my shirt, hair, or the chair. She is starting to play, and it is so much fun! Her little fists/hands are always in her mouth now. She's starting to suck on toys too (as can be seen in the photos of her playing with the doll my mom brought her from Ireland). She adores Eli and tries to grab at the toys he holds out for her or tries to suck on his face when he kisses her. He was upset today because he said she tried to eat his nose ha ha. There are similarities between her and Eli at this age, but there are also a lot of differences. She is not the constant nurser that Eli was. She will ONLY nurse if she's hungry and gets super mad if I try to nurse her and she's tired or cranky. Eli wanted to nurse for hunger, comfort, sleep etc. She will not fall asleep nursing. She just wants her pacifier. She does not cry when she's hungry, only when she's tired. It's interesting figuring her out! Eli is just more grown up by the day. Just watching him run around without diapers makes me a little sad. It's hard to let your kids grow up so fast! He's still doing great going in the potty, and loves to go in public restrooms. He's talking a lot more and will try any word you ask him to now. He loves cows, cats, hide and seek, ball, playing outside, picking veggies out of the garden, play places, parks, giving the dog treats, snuggling/kissing/hugging his sister and mom, etc. He LOVES getting haircuts and was crying to have one yesterday so I gave in. His reward for being great during his haircuts is to do the jumping thing in the mall. He LOVES it. What a little daredevil. It's a trampoline with bungees that help you jump really high. He also go t to ride the train around the mall too. I found the most adorable dresses for Cora's 3/4 month pictures this weekend. Wish me luck, as we're going to try to get a family shot as well! YIKES!

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