Monday, August 23, 2010

Where has the Summer gone?

Believe it or not, family pictures went really well this weekend. I thought it was going to be a complete disaster, but the kids were very good and we got some cute pictures. Brandon was home sick both Thursday and Friday. He got a bacterial infection and was prescribed a z-pack and rest. It was nice to have him home, sick or not! He had to hide out in the basement to get any rest with Eli around :-). I was able to use some of the time he was home to get the kids' Fall/Winter clothes ready. We have so many hand me downs from my nephew, which is going to be a huge blessing this year, considering we are still paying off miss Cora's birth. I also have lots of six month hand me downs for Cora and clothes Brandon's mom has bought us, so we should be set. It was nice to get everything washed and put away. Cora can actually scoot backwards off of a blanket already. Stop growing daughter! It's amazing how big she is already. Eli has enjoyed the fact that she can play with toys better now. He hands her a toy and she'll grab it from him or grab at his face/hair etc. They already have fun together. She's super ticklish too, just like him! Can it be that Summer is almost over???? It's supposed to be another horribly hot day here today, but they said it should be the last hot day and it will be in the 80's and 90's in preparation for Fall. Many of the leaves have already fallen here because it's been so hot and the trees are just trying to survive. Stop time!

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