Monday, August 2, 2010

Lake Tahoe

We had the most incredible trip to Lake Tahoe, NV. Having to travel with two kids under 3, we figured would NOT be a vacation, but we've come home refreshed and revived! The kids did amazing on the airplanes (Eli yelled BUMP on the landings and was excited to go high in the sky). Even on the way home when we got stuck in the Denver airport for 4 hours ove r a mechanical issue, they were acting better than most of the adults. I even got compliments! Upon arriving we immediately went to my grandparent's house and visited "Ba Ba Buck" as Eli would say and my ailing grandmother. I was so proud of Eli because he sat on the bed next to her and tickled her arm. She started the tradition and it's been passed down. Eli loves to have his arm or back "tickled" just like I loved from my mother. She wasn't feeling well, but still was thrilled to meet Cora. I was able to see her again before we left and say good-bye. Such a bittersweet time! We were also able to visit with my mom's sister Cathy and husband Bill Kendall and my mom's brother Steve Buck and his three boys. I've missed my cousins terribly, so it was wonderful to see them!

What can I even begin to say about Lake Tahoe. There were so many childhood memories flashing through my mind as I got to introduce Eli to my grandparent's cabin and the beautiful lake. It's a place so special to me, where I've spent some time every summer since I was born. Eli LOVED the cabin. He loved making forts out of the bunk beds, sleeping witih mom, playing on the porch, and driveway, etc. He really did have the time of his life and I'm reallyh glad my parents, brother, and almost brother Kurt Chapman were there to witness it. Here are all the fun things Eli enjoyed doing: throwing rocks into the lake, swimming, catching and playing with crawdads and minnows, playing ball with all the family, playing at Kahle park, eating a big buffet at Harrah's for Kurt's birthday and playing on their huge play place, feeding bread/cereal/fruit to the tame squirrel he named "Banana" and the Jays, building sand castles with Mom, riding the Heavenly Valley Gondola up to the top of the mountain (my shirt was drenched in sweat I was so scared...but Eli was unphased thank God), hiking over 2 miles around Spooner Lake (where we saw fresh bear tracks and bear poop), and many more!

I am so grateful to my parents for making this vacation happen! We needed it so badly!

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