Friday, August 6, 2010


Well, I wasn't planning on potty training Eli until he turned 3, but he decided he was ready! On our vacation, my mom mentioned she thought he was ready for potty training because he kept pulling at his diaper, itching, and had his hands down his diaper etc. He definitely was getting sick of wearing a sweaty diaper. When we got home he escaped during a diaper change and was going naked all afternoon. I told him if he needed to pee then to make sure to run to the potty. I didn't really think anything would come of it...but low and behold he went in the potty! That was Sunday afternoon and he's been diaperless during the days every since. I'm so proud of him. He hasn't had any pee accidents at all in 6 days! He had one poop accident because he came to tell me he needed to go and on the way he messed his pants. I felt so bad for him. It was a good learning experience though. He's wearing underwear all the time now except for naps and night. We even took him out last night for his first outing and first chance to use a public restroom. I was nervous as to how it would go, but he was a champ! I have a little travel potty lid that goes over a big toilet so he won't fall in and I used that. He asked to use the bathroom several times and ended up going in the public restroom like four times throughout the evening no problem! I keep waiting for the catch! He's doing great! We'll see how the weekend goes because we'll be at the church a lot for band practice and church and my brother is babysitting tomorrow night. This could get interesting!

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