Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Waiting game

Well, we're just waiting around. Eli's keeping us as busy as ever wanting to play outside nonstop and do art projects. He loves coloring with markers and painting. I even broke out some glitter glue yesterday for some projects. He's so proud of himself because he figured out how to make circles and swirls when coloring now. We had our first strawberry ready in the garden (we just have 4 little plants for Eli). Eli was thrilled...he's been trying to pick it for days. They are huge strawberries, the same size as store bought, which is different than I've ever had before. He scarfed it down and was ready for more! Eli wants to work on his alphabet a million times a day. I never thought I'd be SO sick of the ABC's :-) He loves this certain set of flash cards and always brings them to us to look at. He likes to say words that he knows go with the letters such as: M-Mama, Moo; N-Nana; etc. He points out letters like crazy when we're out and about and even on signs as we're driving. I'm glad he loves them!
I had my last doctor's appointment on Monday. Nothing new to report. Everything was still good. Now we wait! I've been feeling really good and still able to be just as active as usual in the garden, outside, etc. until today. I'm not feeling good so Brandon came home from work to take care of Eli so I could rest and take a break. It's been really nice having his help. He took Eli out all morning to the mall, church to play drums, and picked up some food. At the mall, he let Eli play at the play area and then let him run around and choose what stores he wanted to go in. He chose Victoria's Secret and Spencers. I should be worried right?

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