Friday, April 16, 2010

Full TERM!

I am officially considered full term this weekend! That means I'll be having my baby any time between now and May 4th at the latest. At my appointment yesterday, I was dilated a tiny bit and her head is locked down low at a -2 position (0 is birth), so she's getting ready to go. I'm hoping she doesn't drop any more or I'm going to be REALLY uncomfortable. I'm already having quite a bit of pain every evening when she starts moving around. Not enough room, Cora, for aerobics! I usually feel wonderful during the day and in the evening start having pain in my feet/back/stomach. I'm so glad to feel so good when I'm wrangling Eli on my own! When I feel my worst is usually after Eli's asleep, so it's perfect.

We took Eli swimming at Cessna this week and to Oak Park last night to explore. Oak Park is at the end of our block across the river and is a forest with paths throughout it. You can always see tons of birds, Coopers Hawks, owls, and last night we saw a snake (Eli was thrilled). Eli refers to it as Wolf Park. There's an old log that he thinks wolves live in and a hole that he's determined houses an owl. He loves choosing which paths to take and looking for creatures.

I'm super excited today because my cousin Megan (who had brain surgery and still has tumors) had her baby this morning via c-section. They didn't find out the gender, so we were all excited to find out it's a GIRL! They named her Natalie McKay. They now have two little miracle children (Luke is 17 months old). So excited for our little girls to play together at family functions. Everyone is having girls.

Here's a picture of the three out of the six of us from church having girls. Stephanie on the right just had her little girl yesterday and Amy is due a week after me. I'm NEXT in line out of the 6! Yikes!

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