Wednesday, April 21, 2010

12 days and counting....

Haven't written in a while because we're just in a holding pattern around here. We've tried to keep busy doing last minute shopping and garden work etc. but I'm running out of things to do! I had my second to last doctor's appt. this afternoon. Nothing new to report. Cora's heartbeat was 132 and I'm measuring exactly 37 weeks and my blood pressure is still low and good. My last appt. is next Monday. Two weeks feels SO far away when just yesterday it felt so close. We're all almost over our colds, which is a great feeling. This morning Eli and I went to an annual flower sale and I let him pick out which flowers we would buy (with a little guidance). He picked out purple and red salvia, some wave petunias that he proudly carried to the check out, and some red zinnias. It feels good to have those all potted and on the front steps.

My sister and her husband are adopting a sibling group of 5 out of foster care. They both have worked with foster children in their jobs and have felt their calling to adopt instead of having their own kids. They never intended to fall in love with a sibling group this large (they were looking for a pair of siblings), but are on the road to having a large family quickly! They have started weekend visitations and by the end of May will have the kids full time. I so desperately wish I could go down to Tulsa and meet the kids, but I'll have to wait until they have full custody of them at the end of May and can bring them up to see us and meet Cora! Their names and ages are: Jacklyn-8, Destin and Destiny (twins) 7, Precious-6, and Corey-3. It is going to be overwhelming dealing with all the additions to our family in such a short time, but it is going to be an exciting adventure! My mom is going down this weekend to meet and play with the kids. Nothing like gaining 6 grandchildren in the same month!

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