Friday, April 30, 2010


Wednesday afternoon I was still feeling dizzy, so I left a message for my doctor's nurse (he's out of town). She called me back and advised I should go check in at Labor and Delivery and have them check my blood pressure and make sure everything was alright. I packed snacks and toys into the diaper bag and we headed to the hospital. They hooked me up to the baby monitors and contraction monitor and the blood pressure machine which took my blood pressure four times. My blood pressure was fine and everything was looking good when all of a sudden Cora's heart rate dropped for a minute then came back up. Because of that they ordered a Biophysical profile (which is a sonogram for 1/2 an hour that checks different movements, breathing, etc. of the baby). We'd already been there two hours at this point, so we decided it would be best for Brandon to take Eli out to eat and to the park and wait and see what was going to happen. Eli was a trooper in the hospital. He played with his toys, flipped through the TV stations, and loved playing up on the bed with me. He kept asking for Nana and Bum because we'd been telling him that when I was in the hospital he was going to stay with them. So cute! They pumped me full of IV fluids in case that's what was causing my dizziness and did the BPP. Cora passed the test and her heart rate was great the rest of the time. By the time they finally released me I'd been there five hours. My friend Courtney came and sat with me because Brandon had taken Eli home to bed. I was practically begging them to let me have my c-section then (but legally they couldn't because I wasn't 39 weeks yet and there was nothing wrong with me or the baby). It was frustrating, but I'm glad that everything is fine with both me and the baby. They did lab work which showed that I'm no longer anemic, so I'm thrilled my supplement is finally working.

This is Brandon's last day of work for two weeks. I'm looking forward to our last weekend as a family of three. I'm feeling a lot better today than the past couple of days. I guess I can wait three more days to meet this little girl!

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