Sunday, April 25, 2010


We have rejoined the world....aka...we got a new computer! Our computer sort of died on Thursday morning. We've been lucky that it's lasted longer than five years. I went insane not having internet for three days. Crisis! We don't have TV, so it's my only connection to the outside world. I was lost :-) It felt great to get everything set up yesterday. Brandon is nesting like crazy. It is cracking me up! Yesterday, he rearranged our entire bedroom (we had just done this a couple months ago). In his credit, I like it a lot better now. I have kind of a nursery for Cora on one side and our stuff on the other. It will be nice to have a little nook for nursing etc. This morning on a whim he took down all the curtains and washed them. I'm crazy for making fun of him, but I can't help it. It's hilarious! My mom stopped by on Friday on her way to meet my sister's new kids. Eli had a blast with his Nana. She kind of explained to him that in a week her and Bum were going to take care of him while I was in the hospital having the baby. He seemed okay with it. Today I mentioned that I was going to have to stay in the hospital soon and he immediately said, "Bum, Nana!" Hopefully he's had a little preparation! I'm excited for Cora's arrival, but kind of preoccupied with the cold that is still plaguing me. I feel fine, but now have almost lost my voice and am coughing a bit. It's frustrating! I have my last doctor's appointment tomorrow. I have to somehow manage without Brandon's help (he has to work a conference all day and evening). Wish me luck!

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