Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stuffed Animals

I'm posting a cute video of Eli after waking up from his nap (don't mind the half dressed half pajama clad kid). He is super affectionate and super sweet to people, our dog, and his stuffed animals. It's wonderful! I pray he's the same with Cora! He named all his stuffed animals and the two he mentions are named Dada and Amy (the hilarious cat stocking he fell in love with at the store and LOVES).

I'm not going to whine about the fact that Eli's had a fever since last night and we're stuck at home miserable on Super Bowl Sunday (okay, so that might count as a whine...get over it :-)). What am I going to do with all the vegetables I bought to make vegetable trays for the two parties we were going to?? Luckily Eli loves veggies! I made him some special oatmeal cookies to cheer him up and when I offered him one he didn't want it....he wanted a mango. I just wanted to die laughing. He is the healthiest eater I've ever seen. Only my kid turns down cookies for a mango! I'm going to make one of his favorite foods for supper as well...broccoli cheese soup. We'll be nice and warm and cozy when this Winter storm hits tonight (4-9 inches expected).

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