Monday, February 15, 2010

Birthday fun!

I had no idea where to start with this crazy and wonderful weekend, so I posted a whole bunch of photos to get me started! Saturday was the first day Eli was actually acting normal again, thank God. He just had the worst week last week, so it was perfect to start again with a fun birthday party! Brandon's mom, and sister and husband came up from Texas with our nephew Gavin. Eli was so happy to see him. They immediately started playing. They are buds! He was also thrilled to see "Donna" as he calls Brandon's mom since he can't say "Grams". His party was great fun. We had my family and the Racchinis and Horsts over as well, so the kids played a lot. Eli loved his cake and made us sing him Happy Birthday twice. He also loved the cookies and strawberries with dip. He did really well on opening presents and tore all the paper off himself. We ordered a bunch of pizzas for dinner and enjoyed watching the kids play and laughing at the toddler drama ;-) Eli did great through all the chaos! Unfortunately, we partied too hard and Gavin came down with a bad case of croup Saturday night that required a trip to the ER and a night and day spent in the hospital. I felt so bad for him and Brittnie and Shane. They did not get any sleep after driving all that way. Finally, on Sunday at one he was released and seemed back to his normal self. I don't think they envisioned a stay in the hospital when they headed up to Kansas! At least Gavin had a lot of fun with Eli on Saturday.

On Sunday, Eli handed out his Sesame Street Valentines he had so carefully chosen for each specific family member. So cute! I enjoyed the cards and presents for my 24th birthday and Valentine's Day. That afternoon, my friends threw a baby shower for Cora at our house. I had my wonderful relatives and close friends there to celebrate this little life inside of me! I was showered with girl clothes, shoes, etc. Oh, I about died these clothes are so cute! I'm so excited to wash them and get them all ready to go (AFTER I have another sonogram in a few weeks and double check it's a girl). Cora is going to be the best dressed baby in Wichita this summer!

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