Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ah, I love weekends! I had a panic attack that I didn't have any newborn diapers, so yesterday morning we headed to Target and let Eli play around while I picked up some Organic Cotton diapers for Cora. We were walking through Target and heard Eli yell, "BRA!" and he went over and started touching all the bras. Oh boy. He is ALL boy! Afterward, we headed to Exploration Place (hands on science museum). I've been really wanting to take Eli to the new music exhibit that has tons of hands-on instruments, drums, etc. He loved it! He played in the music room forever trying out different drums and sound effects. They also had a Mr. Potato Head exhibit traveling through. He loved playing with all the games and activities. This little girl was playing in one of the exhibits with him and she kept talking to Brandon. Her mom came over and said, "She loves men. When you have two are exotic!" It cracked me up. Eli liked the airplane exhibit too. He sat and did the Cessna flight simulator with Brandon for a long time. Brandon was teaching him how to land and take off :-). We headed to Seth Horst's 3rd birthday party last night. Eli had a great time playing with the kids and did pretty well with sharing. We all ate bierocks and Eli got some cake and ice he was in heaven. I took off and went to a movie with my friend while Brandon put Eli to bed, then when I got home Brandon went out with his friends to see a scary movie. It's been a great weekend! Brandon's going out of town for work tomorrow for two days. He's going to miss us! My brother is spending the night here so we're safe :-) I'll enjoy the help!

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