Thursday, November 13, 2008


Tonight Eli was walking between Brandon and I in the basement and he walked half way across the basement on his own, with perfect balance and in complete control! I ran up to get the video camera and was able to film several more times of great walking on his own across the basement. He usually just takes a few wobbly steps on his own, but tonight he was on a roll. It's like it just clicked. He even was holding onto a chair and walked on his own to get to Brandon who was sitting in the middle of the floor. He's gaining confidence and balance skills. Brandon got an e-mail saying his department is not going to be affected by the lay offs, so that's a relief! I knew he would be okay, but there's still some uncertainty, especially when it's front page news today. My parents are going to babysit tomorrow night while Brandon and I go to a movie. We're excited!

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