Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Squirrels everywhere....can you spot them in 2 pictures?

We had a couple nights of really good sleep. We always just start to get used to it and then we have a night like last night...sheesh! Oh well, someday! My parents just got a couple really tame kittens, so I can't wait for Eli to play with them at Thanksgiving. We always have a blast at Thanksgiving. My Corman side of the family is huge and all of us cousins are REALLY close, so it makes for a great time. I think we might have the loudest family in the universe. A family dinner on that side is a wild and crazy event! Kids running all over the place, people pounding the table laughing and screaming, and board and card games galore. Everyone talking at once with about fifty different conversations going on. It feels like home. I can't wait! Yesterday, it was raining and nasty so Eli and I went and pretty much finished up our Christmas shopping. We're trying to be careful with money from now on because you never know what's going to happen in this crappy economy. I'm waiting impatiently for Brandon to call me and let me know what Cessna is going to do. Right now there are talks of layoffs, but asking for voluntary retirement first. We'll see. Bran said they came by yesterday asking how long he'd been there, how long he'd had his A&P license etc. Brandon should be safe. He has several people in his group who were excited to get the chance for early retirement and he's in the middle as far as pay and towards the top as far as seniority. His boss left him in charge of the group while he's away, so that's encouraging to me too! Here's our new grass we planted....the only green in a browning world. We have finally attracted many squirrels to our yard. It was depressing when we moved here because Rica didn't have squirrels to chase (which is her favorite thing to do) . I still love them and like to watch them get into our feeders.

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