Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Turkey ran away....upon Thanksgiving Day!

Happy early Thanksgiving everyone! We are heading up to Minneapolis today, and I can hardly wait. Our Corman Thanksgivings are a blast, and I'm looking forward to spending time with more than 30 of my relatives. Eli will have lots of people to chase and his cousin to beat up on I mean play with, so all will be good. Last night we got to listen to the "almost final" copy of our cd. I know it's taking a long time to finish, but we wanted to do it on the side and wanted it to be amazing. Trust is! I hadn't heard any of the recent production, so it was so great to get to hear it and enjoy all the work our producer/guitarist/friend has done. It is ready to be sent off to be mastered. Eli enjoyed seeing his friends Ethan and Lillie and ran around the studio like a wild man. Yesterday, I said "Where's Momma's nose/ears/teeth?" and he could point to them all. It's pretty hit or miss whether he'll point to them or just look at them, but it's still impressive :-) We play the "Where's the...." game a lot. He will usually just look to whatever I say, but I'm hoping he'll start pointing at them soon. He likes to "find" the couch, lamp, pictures, plants, coffee table, swing, fan, lights, Rica, Momma, Dada, and jumper. He has fun with it. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

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