Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eli and Jadyn

Today Eli had a fun time playing with his cousin Jadyn. My cousin Katy came down to visit for the day (she lives up near my parents). Jadyn is 2 months younger and such a cutie. We were laughing because Jadyn is a lot bigger than Eli already. They liked to grab at each other's faces, steal each other's toys, and crawl around everywhere. Jadyn gave Eli a couple kisses. They always wanted the toy that the other one had, so we were getting a kick out of it. We took them shopping at the mall and over to my aunt's house for the afternoon with my other cousins. I wish we lived closer because we're both homemakers and it would be so nice to be able to get the babies together more. I'm just glad that Eli and Jadyn will get to play together again in a couple weeks at Thanksgiving. People say they look SO much alike all the time.....ha ha ha! We found out today that around 600 people are going to be laid off at Cessna along with early retirement offers. We should know who in the next couple weeks, so be praying for us just in case!

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