Sunday, November 9, 2008


We took Eli to church today and then to Cessna's pool swimming. The perks of working for a large company! They have a brand new pool that has a huge curly water slide, a mushroom waterfall, basketball hoop, volleyball net, and a zero entry kids half. Eli had a blast swimming around. He kicked his legs and threw his arms around splashing constantly and walked around in the shallow areas chasing a ball. We also put him in a floaty ring, which he enjoyed. Believe it or not I forgot my camera and almost made Brandon turn around, but he wouldn't let me :-( Brandon and I both went down the slide and Eli loved watching us shoot out into the water. It's going to be a really fun activity when our kids are older...especially in the Winter when we're all cooped up. Yesterday, when I was making Eli's mashed potatoes I had a run in with the peeler and my finger still bleeds if I don't keep a band aid on it. I'm allergic to band aids, so I try not to use them if possible...but have no choice this time. When I had my c-section I didn't know whether I'd have a reaction to all the tape and adhesive they use during it, but I did and it was awful. Next time I'm going to try and see if there is any other alternative. We're having both my favorite foods today. We had asparagus on pasta for lunch and I'm getting ready to make some artichokes for supper! Score! I've been begging Brandon to let me sing Christmas Carols or listen to Christmas music, but he's making me hold off a little longer. I've already taught Eli Jingle Bells because it's so annoying and distracts him during diaper changes when he's wiggling around like crazy and we've been singing Little Drummer Boy when he plays the djembe. He loves his Santa book he has and I always say, "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas" and he loves it! I ate my first candy cane today because it came on the card for the angel tree baby we drew to buy for. We're only going to get a few little things for Eli's stocking, since we already gave him his walker...I'll still get to shop and bless someone else's baby though! This new crawl around the crib stage is driving us NUTS. During the night it wasn't a problem, but going to sleep for naps was ridiculous. We had to go in and flip him over a million times. Grrr!

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