Monday, July 18, 2011


We live right down the street from Botanica, so when I saw a half off membership listed on "Groupon" I snatched that right up! We have definitely been getting our money's worth! The kids are in love with the butterfly house (Eli makes sure to remind himself that "butterflies DON'T have teeth") and spends a lot of time squealing when they fly by. I love it too! There is nothing more beautiful than watching hundreds of butterflies fly around you! Our second stop is the brand new Children's Garden! It blew my expectations right out of the water. I never expected it to be so big and so hands on! There are lots of fountains and water features for the kids to play with (including watering cans to water the flowers), a farm house that is a playhouse with a kitchen and play food, a barn that has an educational station in it, a water feature where you can paint with water on the rocks, a musical maze featuring a lot of hands on instruments like chimes, drums, etc., a sand and fossil digging area, a tree house fort, log and rainbow tunnels, an ant sand and water playing area, a learning center with a craft, and more! The kids absolutely LOVE IT! The kids and I have gone a few times, but Brandon has yet to see it. I can't wait to take him!

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