Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rock a bye baby...

I still rock Cora to sleep. Pathetic? Maybe! Please just let me hold on to the last thread of babyhood! Eli never let us rock him...not even when he was a little baby, so this is a whole new experience for me. Cora was such a terrible sleeper for the first year, I would love to know how many hours I have spent in my glider (but now she is sleeping through the night like an angel). I really enjoy our time rocking before naps and bed, and I'm pretty sure it won't lead to me having to rock her when she's 10 (although the books might say differently ha ha). She snuggles up to me with her paci and kitty and I pat her back or booty until she's super drowsy and then move her to the crib where she always wakes back up and I pat her back a couple of times and escape. I think the reason I enjoy it so much is that A) She might be my last kid, so I'm cherishing every moment and B) She PATS my back tenderly until she falls asleep. It is so sweet and I feel so loved! When she gives hugs, she will also pat our backs sweetly. I can't get enough of it! Yesterday, we sat down in the glider and she put both her tiny little hands on my cheeks and patted them. Oh, how I love her! She also will say, "mAmen" if I forget to say prayers to remind me. I am just treasuring the last aspects of babyhood with Cora ! I love looking at pictures of my kids sleeping. They look so peaceful, innocent, and sweet! They are beautiful!

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