Friday, April 1, 2011

Sunny days are here to stay

I am happy to report that I have fallen into a groove now dealing with three kids intead of two! Eli and Korey are having fun (especially now that the weather has turned nice and we're spending all day outside). I have been doing a "preschool" time during Cora's nap, so that Korey won't get behind in her schooling. It actually is a lot more fun with both kids. I plan a craft, some writing exercises, and of course letter/number learning. It's going great! Our amazing photographer friend Jessica Rozof came over with her little girl Sammy for a playdate and she snapped some great shots of the kids playing! Brandon got some free tickets to Sesame Street Live tomorrow. Both Eli and Cora are big Elmo/Sesame Street fans. I'm curious to see if Eli will be able to sit still during it, or if I'll have to bribe him with popcorn...either way it should be fun!

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