Thursday, April 21, 2011


I can't believe that Eli has been potty trained for almost a year! I'm so proud of him...especially that it was his decision (not something I would have liked to do while caring for his newborn sister but I jumped on it anyway). Maybe I'll luck out and Cora will be just as easy (fingers crossed)! Over the past year I've still had him wear a diaper at night just in case. It was silly really because he always wakes up dry, but I couldn't stand the thought of having to get up with both kids in the night. Finally, I just decided to do away with it and he has NEVER had an accident in the night. Once again, SO PROUD! A month ago, he decided to ditch the little potty and use the big toilet. Now he is going completely in the big toilet and we put his little potty away! When did he become so grown up? We've been doing lots of Easter crafts (mostly about Jesus...but this one was an Easter basket) and he wanted to take a picture of his artwork and how he wrote his name on the back. Every single day he says something that is so hilarious we just about die. The other day we were feeding my brother's piranha and Eli said, "Go feed Uncle Will's banana?" Last night at story time we asked him what he wanted his story about and he said, "A squirrel named Jesus who bites." I love this whole talking thing! It rocks! The other day, Brandon said something about being stinky and Eli said, "Dad smells like poop!" He also said, "I LOVE Uncle Brandon" (proof cousin Korey is around a lot). The other day in Target he was so excited when he saw "Starbucks!" I said we weren't going to get a drink today and he said, "Dad would!" If Cora is mad he'll say, "Bora really doesn't like it!" Everything is "Five more times!" or "ONE more!" or "MY TURN!" Out of the blue on our walk this week he said, "Nana REALLY loves me!" His prayers at night are always hilarious and sweet. He'll pray for "flying cows" and other funny things. He also will pray for friends or relatives. A couple nights ago he thanked God for Nana and Bum. Then, he prayed for Jesus to "Give Bum a BIG hug!" He's my boy and I love him!

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