Monday, April 4, 2011

11 Months

Eleven months have come and gone since my little sunshine arrived! One more month and it will be a YEAR! Parenting Cora is just so easy...I feel so lucky! She is happy and sweet and brings a smile to my face all day long. At eleven months she:

1. Has started saying more words all the time. She now has added "dog", "tricked ya", "bippity, boppity, boo", "Eli" , "yeah", "yes" etc. to her vocab

2. Nods her head "yes" all the time and gets really excited for snacks, books, food, or music.

3. Loves music, singing, and dancing

4. Takes her bath with Eli now and sometimes laughs and tries to play bite him in the tub

5. Is getting a lot better about not eating things outside, but instead throws them and then claps for herself

6. Loves the playground. She loves running across the bouncy bridge and sliding

7. Is running a lot now.

8. Finally has all 8 teeth in...four on top and four on bottom.

9. Is completely on table foods and has to feed herself. She is eating things like lasagna, mac and cheese, waffles, eggs, casseroles, grilled chicken, steak, etc. It makes my life a lot easier to be able to make one thing for everyone.

10. Loves nursery at the church and playing with the other babies.

11. Has moved up to the convertible car seat and loves it!

12. Still puts everything in her mouth and has choked scarily several times on little things like dirt, carpet threads, or things tracked in (even threw up from choking this past weekend and the finger sweep has come in handy several times). I have to sweep ALL floors once or twice a day to be safe.

13. Still gives tons of kisses and hugs and will smack her lips now towards you if she wants a kiss!

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