Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Miss Kitty

For months I have left several small dolls/stuffed animals in Cora's crib hoping and praying she would get attached to one. With Eli, I discovered that until he had become attached to his beloved "doggy" I was his comfort object. Once he started sleeping with his doggy, I was able to get him weaned and sleeping through the night. I was thrilled when I noticed Cora taking a special interest in a purple kitty stuffed animal from her toy box (it wasn't one I'd put in her crib). I started holding it up against her while I was nursing her and when I was rocking her for naps. It worked! "Miss Kitty" as we've been calling it (from Eli's favorite books The Little Critter series by Mercy Mayer) is now Cora's sleeping/snuggling buddy for naps and at night. She likes to give Miss Kitty hugs and kisses and share her pacifier with it! It's so cute! I am hoping this will make the weaning process a little easier!

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