Monday, April 25, 2011


We had a fantastic weekend at the farm celebrating Easter. If Eli had his way, he would live there! He can't get enough of the farm and all the adventures he's able to have there! Here is a list of all the fun things we did:

1. Dyed Easter eggs (this was a first for my nieces and nephew)

2. Did a large Easter egg hunt with the eggs (6 dozen) around my parent's yard.

3. Got to hold the brand new kittens that were born the day before we got there (Eli held one all on his own)

4. 4-wheeler rides

5. Lots of swinging on the tire swing and baby swing

6. Sunrise service (had to get the kids up at 5:15 to make it there) at the Lean To (home church I was raised in)

7. Kids hiked up to the cross with us all bundled up.

8. Special Easter breakfast at the Lean To after sunrise service
9. Easter baskets (which of couse ALL the kids loved...and was a first for my nieces and nephew)

10. Lots of spoiling with candy and other treats from Nana

11. Created the secret garden club (only girls allowed) in the lilac fort my mom made

12. Played lots of marbles

13. Had a bonfire and roasted hot dogs

14. Had a great time celebrating Jesus! YAY!


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