Monday, April 18, 2011

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year! I love the excitement of Jesus coming to the city and getting a King's welcome. I was so thrilled for Eli to be old enough to experience such an exciting day at church. Last week Korey and Eli did a couple Palm Sunday crafts and we talked a lot about it, so they understood the concept. Sunday morning Brandon played the donkey and the kids took turns pretending to be Jesus while I waved towels at them. Both Eli and Cora loved it! Our church has the kids wave palms and walk around the sanctuary during worship on Palm Sunday. Eli got to participate! He loved it! In the lobby, he was waving his palm singing "Hosanna, Hosanna" over and over again. He walked in with all the kids and I was beaming with pride!!! Cora and I walked with him because he was a little confused at first ;-). He loved watching Dad lead worship. I love that Eli is getting old enough to experience all the wonderful aspects of life! We had a wonderful Palm Sunday celebrating Jesus and a wonderful afternoon with each other bike riding, walking, and just being a family.

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