Friday, April 8, 2011

Riding bikes!

I am thrilled to announce we took our first bike ride as a family of four yesterday! I haven't ridden a bike in years because I've either been pregnant or stuck at home with baby Cora while the boys went riding. Cora is finally old enough to join Eli in the bike trailer and loves it! Eli was so excited that I got to go with them and kept saying, "Cora going too!" I can only go so far with the stroller, so it was nice to venture out into farther places in our Riverside oasis. The lame part was that I couldn't keep up with Brandon (and he was the one pulling the kids). I'm looking forward to many bike rides enjoying the beautiful weather and our lovely neighborhood! Eli's very into "building bird houses" right now. Brandon worked with him in the garage one day building a bird feeder and ever since then he gets his stack of wood pieces and builds "bird houses". According to him they are for "baby birds and mama birds". It is so cute! Once he's gotten them arranged to his satisfaction, we all have to look at it, then he knocks it over and starts again. He had a speech screening, and the woman agreed with me that he just has an articulation issue (not a language problem). We will go Tuesday for a hearing test and to talk with a speech therapist so I can get some ideas on how to help him improve his inunciation. I'm already seeing improvement every day just from working with him myself. Having miss Korey around has been great. He has a constant playmate and will copy things she says. The other day he said "dookie". I wonder where he learned that??? My sister went home for the weekend and it has been kind of quiet around here without the little chatterbox around! I miss them both already! I don't want another baby, but I want a 4 year old!

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