Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Eli went to the dentist for the first time today! I was so proud of him! I could tell he was a little nervous about going, but I had prepared him completely for what was going to happen (he took doggy along for support but never had to get him out of my purse). He was excited to go to the "big building, fourteenth floor" and ride the "elevator" to get "clean teeth". He started opening his mouth the second he sat in the chair waiting for them to clean his teeth. It was so cute! He followed the hygienist's instructions and had a great checkup. He got a little nervous when she told him about the floss, so they skipped it. He was perfect and they said he was the easiest kid they'd ever had. He was so excited to pick out a car and a new tooth brush. The second we got home he wanted his new tooth brush and ran into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Our dentist said his teeth look wonderful, and that it looks like he's going to have adequate spacing for his permanent teeth to come in. Good news! I feel like we've checked another "health" thing off our list. After this Winter of health crisis, it's wonderful to feel in control of everything right now. He is doing wonderfully on gluten free, and I am busy adjusting recipes and cooking new things to try out. I have been super thrilled to find that Betty Crocker has some gluten free baking mixes that are delicious. We've tried the cookies and cupcakes and are hoping to try the brownies this weekend for Super Bowl. With gluten free items it's always hit or miss and not much in between. We are learning! I was so happy after talking to his doctor this week because she said just to continue gluten free since he's doing so well and not do further testing etc. Big sigh of relief! I'm happy that he's feeling good and doing well!

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