Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where I've been...

It all started with a visit from the grandparents, a date night for Brandon and I to Il Vicino, and then a surprise visit from my sister's family. What a weekend! We got to take my nieces and nephew sledding for the first time and have an impromtu birthday party for ME! After everyone left though things went from wonderful to bad pretty quickly. Eli already had developed a cough and cold symptoms. Next, I came down with Influenza, which I have never had before, and was the WORST thing EVER! I literally was up all night with a 103 fever shaking, sweating, and going insane. I even went to throw up and passed out as usual :-). It is like combining the stomach flu AND the worst cold ever. Sucky! Next to go was Cora. She developed the same virus as Eli and started getting a nasty cough. This was all topped with a visit of 8-12 inches of snow and -14 degree weather. Took the kids to the doctor to discover Eli had wheezing in his lungs and Cora was headed that way, so we were sent home with a nebulizer to do breathing treatments (3 a day for Eli, and 2 for Cora). Eli seems to be responding to the treatments and is coughing a lot less, unfortunately Cora is at the worst stage and having a terrible time trying to sleep without coughing. I have to hold her upright for naps and I slept with her propped up next to me in the guest bedroom last night. Trying to take care of the sickos while having the respiratory flu has been rough. Today, I am finally feeling better. Someone sent us two pizzas tonight. God bless you! Can't wait to get back to LIFE again! Cora's 9 month update is coming soon!

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