Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eli is THREE!!!!!!

My son is three. I can hardly believe it! I have teared up so many times the past couple of weeks because it just blows my mind that he is so grown up and such a little man. He has taught me so much in these three years. I can't believe how selfless I am now and how much time I've spent loving him, playing with him, teaching him, laughing with him, crying with him, and worrying about him. Three full years of learning and making mistakes but being rewarded hundreds of times during the day. Oh, what a passionate energetic spirit he has. It is a challenging personality, but he has stretched me and brought me more joy than I could have ever imagined. He is smart, a quick learner, and SO affectionate and empathetic. He favors the Corman family in looks, snorts and throws his head back when he laughs, and is so accident prone (he is my son after all). He lives for outdoor adventures and physical activity of any kind. At three years he is doing the following:
1. Using longer sentences finally. He has been so slow to talk, but is finally saying four or five word sentences and will attempt to say anything we ask him. I still have to translate often for other people, but usually I know exactly what he's saying all the time.
2. His favorite sayings right now are "do it by myself", and "just pretending", as well as using "really___" or "a little ___".
3. He is very affectionate to us and Cora, as well as his cousins. He gives lots of kisses, hugs, and snuggles. He always asks if we can have a "snuggle snow day" aka snuggle on the couch
4. He loves Exploration Place, wrestling, hot wheels, swimming, baths or showers, marble mazes, parks, slides and water slides, playdoh, reading books, being told stories, playing outside in the sandbox, going for walks, playing Memory and Go Fish, and watching youtube videos.
5. His best friends are Seth and Jesse Horst, his cousins (especially Korey), and Jaxon down the street.
6. He knows his shapes, colors, letters, words for each letter, matching, size comparisons, cutting (still needs work), and is able to write his name.
7. He enjoys art and any type of learning.
8. His favorite music to dance to is Maroon 5
9. He is on a gluten free diet, which has helped his digestion issues completely
10. He is the best eater I've ever seen for a toddler and will eat almost anything. He loves all fruits and veggies and I am so grateful because I can cook whatever I want and it is eaten! He loves picking broccoli and tomatoes out of our little garden and always stops to smell the flowers.
11. He is Daddy's helper and is stuck like glue to Brandon when he is home from work. He loves helping Brandon with projects around the house or running errands with him.
12. He is completely potty trained (has been since 2 1/2) and only wears a diaper at night (even though he usually wakes up dry)
13. He has adjusted wonderfully well to being a big brother and is amazing with Cora. Once in a while he will get too rough, but for the most part he helps me out a lot and brings her toys, shares, and loves on her all day. He calls her "Bora", "Baby", or "Baby Judson"
14. He picks up his toys and does little chores around the house like switching the laundry and putting dishes away.
15. We still struggle with him lashing out when he gets mad or frustrated and hits or screams, but it has been getting better the more he is able to talk and express himself with words.
16. He is singing more and more every day! It is so fun! He wants to sing "Jesus Loves Me" every night before bed and he sings with us and always goes off pitch on the high notes.
17. He still sleeps with his beloved "Doggy" that he has had since he was a baby.
18. Still says, "Dadjeeya" for "yes" once in a while, but is slowly losing it and has moved on to "yeah"
19. He absolutely adores his family and asks to see "Bum and Nana" and "Donna Grams and papa" all the time.
20. He weighs around 30 lbs and is surprise!

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