Thursday, February 17, 2011


We are getting a lovely taste of Spring. It's warm, sunny, and everyone is in great moods breaking out t-shirts, flip flops, and heading outside. It is much needed! I know it is just a taste, and I am sure there will be more Winter weather (there always is), but I can pretend right??? There are crocus coming up in my garden, so that is the first sign! We have been spending every spare second outside and enjoying every bit of it. The kids have enjoyed playing ball, helping me clean the garage, playing in the sandbox, the park, walking, picnics, etc. I even have been doing a little veggie garden planning in my mind. I want to make sure Eli gets to be more involved this year...possibly giving him a couple of "smart pots" for his own little garden. He's already asked to plant broccoli and tomatoes again, which is a given! I'm factoring in Cora as well this year and thinking of adding some spinach for her. Doesn't this feel so good??? On another note, Eli had a three year screening yesterday by Parents as Teachers. He passed with flying colors. It was hilarious to watch him doing all these little tests for an hour. He did great! Areas he needs more work are definitely scissor cutting and writing with a pencil (he loves markers so he doesn't push hard enough with a pencil when he writes). I am proud of him!

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