Saturday, May 5, 2012

2 Years Old!

Cora had the best birthday yesterday!  She was so happy that Brandon took off work and we started the day by sneaking into her room and singing "Happy Birthday".  We had so much fun spending the day as a family spoiling the birthday girl!  She got a beautiful little tea set for her birthday from Nana, so we had a birthday breakfast picnic/tea party with gf apple cinnamon muffins and tea.  The kids loved it!  They loved getting to pour and put their own sugar in their tea.  Next, we headed to the zoo!  We are LOVING our membership we got this year.  We have gone once a week and still are seeing new things each time.  Worth every penny!  Since the zoo is close to my sister's house, we stopped by there so Brandon could till up a garden space for them and the kids got a chance to play with their cousins and jump on the beloved trampoline.  Both kids love jumping!  We gathered up the whole crew and all went to Jason's Deli for lunch, which is my absolute favorite place to eat with a gluten free kid.  They have great healthy options for everyone.  Cora was begging for a nap by the time we got home.  It was a busy morning and she got her beauty sleep and was ready for more birthday fun!  We did giant bubbles in the backyard and let the kids run through the sprinklers.  My best friend Courtney came over and helped us celebrate and share the GF Brownie/Berry fruit pizza I made.  It was a hit with everyone!  We have had a great week celebrating our little "sunshine".  She is such a delight and charms everyone she meets.  I am so thankful for the two years I've had with her and can't wait for many more!  At two she is:
1.  Throwing less tantrums.  She went through a month period that was kind of difficult, but it's like she's over it.  I hope it lasts!
2.  Obsessed with Barney.  She loves Barney and informed me the other day that she "Likes Derek!" who is one of the little boys on the show. 
3.  Singing nonstop.  The girl can sing!  She knows tons of songs and sings all day long.  I love watching her enjoy something that I have loved my whole life and has brought me a lot of comfort and joy.  Some of her favorites to sing are:  Barney song, ABC's, Jesus Loves Me, Lord's Army, You are my Sunshine, Hosanna, Let the little Sunshine In, You're my Sister, and more.  The other day she sang all the way through Walmart.  People were cracking up!
4.  Still is a little climber and can catch me off guard once in a while.  She at least is following boundries and has stopped climbing on top of the kitchen table.
5. Loving jumping.  She loves to jump on the trampoline, around the house, or on the bed.
6.  Ganging up on me with Eli.  They will decide to go upstairs and then take off giggling knowing they are not supposed to without asking.  They play together nonstop and have so much fun.
7.  Biting Eli once in a while for defense, but not very often and it is usually a show.
8.  Still loving snuggling up in her "nest" aka my pregnancy pillow every morning when she wakes up before Eli.
9.  Picking her nose, once in a while.  
10.  Letting Brandon take her to Sunday school once in a while and isn't crying at church anymore.  She declares on our way, "I no cry today!"
11.  Still a little "mommy".  She loves playing dolls and pushes them around in her stroller or her new shopping cart.  She also named one of her dolls "Rachel" completely on her own, without us knowing anyone named that.  I think it's probably from Barney.
12.  Very sympathetic.  If Eli gets hurt she'll keep asking me, "What happened to Elijah?" and she will go over and pat his back or stroke his hair.  It is the sweetest thing ever and I love to watch them take care of each other. 
13.  Loving clothes!  She is very particular about her clothes/shoes etc.  She loves clothes and loves twirling in her many dresses she gets from Grams. 
14.  Praying the sweetest prayers.  She'll pray for all of her cousins by name, toys, and thank God for different things we've done throughout our day.  She loves doing our daily devotions too. 

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