Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1 Week Old

Asher had his one week appointment yesterday.  He was a champ and never cried.  He has gained a good amount back up past his birth weight at 7 lbs 14 oz (considering he nurses constantly) and is 19 inches long.  He still is a tiny bit jaundice, so we're putting him in the indirect sunlight to help with that.  We're settling into a routine around here and loving life!  The first few nights after we got home we didn't get any sleep because he had his days and nights mixed up, but the past few have been awesome! He even slept three hour stretches last night and it feels amazing!  He is quite the cutie and we are feeling so thankful to have three amazing kids.  He hardly ever cries and loves his siblings.  Cora holds him a lot and he'll just stare up at her and she'll talk to him.  It's beautiful to watch the kids fall in love with him.  I forgot how much newborns sleep.  It is allowing me to still have great quality time with the other kids and get rest for recovery.  Brandon has been taking the older kids out to do fun things (zoo, park, mall playplace etc.) so they are having a great time. We took family pictures and pictures of the kids yeserday and I am dying to see them!  The boys wore matching shirts and it was so cute!  We have been blessed with AMAZING friends and church community who have been bringing us amazing meals.  We will be blessed with meals for two weeks!  I am so thankful!      

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