Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Date Nights

We did date nights with the kids recently to make sure they got some one on one time with both of us.  My parents did this growing up and I hope to continue the tradition!  I get alone time with Cora while Eli's at preschool and alone time with Eli while Cora's napping and his rest time is over, so it's more important for Brandon.  Brandon took Eli out to the carnival that was in town and he got to ride the roller coaster a couple of times, the ferris wheel, and the car rides.  He loved it!  I am so happy that neither of my kids show any signs of having my terrible motion sickness.  Thank God!  I can't even swing on the porch swing without getting sick.  Eli had a wonderful time and Cora and I snuggled and spent time together doing "girl things".  The next night Brandon took Cora out on a special date.  She was really excited and picked out a dress just for the occasion.  He took her to this super girly store in the mall called "Sparkles" and let her pick out jewelry.  They also went and got ice cream.  She came home covered in bracelets and necklaces with smudges of ice cream on her cheeks.  She showed off all of her jewels and was SO proud!  Eli and I had a "train date" while they were gone.  We took all of his extra track from his room and built a new train set in the basement and played trains.  He kept saying, "I just love our train date, Mom!"  We had juice popcicles and just had fun!  I hope to continue these date nights, especially with a third on the way.  The kids will love the special attention!     

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