Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Girl!

We celebrated Cora's 2nd birthday this weekend with family and friends.  Brandon's family came up fom Texas (his parents and sister's family) and the kids were thrilled to spend time with them.  Cora has been so excited for her birthday party.  She kept saying, "My birthday party...JUST GIRLS, NO BOYS!"  I really wanted her to have a very special girly day and that's just what she got.  She loved her birthday party skirt and shirt and showed it off to everyone.  We did a "baby doll" party where everyone invited brought their baby dolls.  She had all her little girl friends and their mommies there:  Avary Owens, Evie Racchini, Natalie Wohler, and her four girl cousins (plus Gavin and Eli).  We did a craft that everyone really enjoyed.  I had the kids decorate "diaper bags" to go with their dolls (favors were baby bottles).  They used markers, stickers, and jewels and made some fancy diaper bags.  We then opened presents.  Cora loved getting everything!  She kept saying, "THANK YOU!" She got some art and stamp supplies, a doctor's kit, books, a sling to put her dolls in that Amy Racchini made (I am planning on wearing Asher in my sling a lot so she'll have one too), summer pajamas, and adorable clothes and shoes.  We had raspberry punch and doll cupcakes (that took me forever to make might I add).  The kids loved them!  Cora blew out her candles herself and was just amazed at everyone singing to her.  After the party, we all ate pizza and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  We took a walk and took the kids to the playground.  It was exactly what I'd hoped for for her!    

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