Monday, December 20, 2010

Dr. Rebecca Isaacs

My sister graduated with her doctorate this weekend! I didn't get to go support her, but the rest of my family did. I guess Korey yelled "YEAH!" when Becca walked across the stage and everyone in the crowd laughed. My parents stopped by on their way home and took Eli out to see Christmas lights. He loved it! Cora has her own language with my parents. The second she saw them she started her "hyperventilating" that she started doing to them when we were at the farm. It's so cute! Cora is obsessed with standing ALL the time now. She stands and pushes her walker (from the outside of it) and is really close to pulling up. She takes these itty bitty steps. It is just adorable! My goal is to rest up before heading to the farm for Christmas. I need a few days to just unwind!

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