Thursday, December 16, 2010

Almost Christmas!

I can't believe Christmas is a week away! I knew November and December would fly by...they always do! It's been wonderful having a kid who can actually understand the true meaning of Christmas and enjoy the holiday cheer. Eli knows that it was "baby Jesus" who was born on Christmas day, and we've talked a lot about the stories involved with Christmas and who Jesus is. I've tried to do some type of Christmas craft or activity with Eli every day and I've played Christmas carols on the computer, which has been really fun. Eli loves the Christmas lights in our house and reminds me to turn them on every day. He also loves the lights around town. There is a house nearby that has the lights to music and he LOVES it! We made and gave "Reindeer Poop" aka Oreo truffles to all of our neighbors and friends on our street, and I baked sugar cookies for Brandon's coworkers. Eli has enjoyed the extra treats around. I don't usually make desserts unless we're having people over because we just EAT it all! Eli asked for a "poop cookie" the other day. I got a big laugh out of that one! Eli is really into trains right now. He has a train set he got for Christmas from my brother last year that he has been playing with. Last weekend Brandon took him to go see the trains at a station nearby. He loved it! He told me there was "paint" on them (aka graffiti) ha ha. Cora has been babbling like crazy. It seems she never stops talking! She is also standing on her own for several minutes at a time without holding on to anything. She has taken a couple of steps, but is still tentative to move! I put her in the church nursery for the first time on Sunday. I actually got to worship AND listen to the sermon, which never usually happens! I did have to go get her before the service was completely over because she was crying for me, but I consider it a pretty successful first time. I'm really looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my family!

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