Monday, December 6, 2010

7 Months

It is time for Cora's 7 month update already! Would it annoy you if I once again said TIME IS FLYING! Can't help it, sorry! My little girl is growing and changing every day! At 7 months old she:
1. She can say "Mama", "Dada", and "Nana" and is babbling a host of other sounds like "ba ba ba" and "la la la"
2. She LOVES standing. She always wants to be standing and is crusing a tiny bit on chairs, the couch, etc. She loves to stand and play with the kitchen set.
3. She can take steps holding onto our hands and can stand on her own for a minute at a time before losing balance.
4. She isn't crawling yet, but can scoot in a circle and backwards a little bit.
5. Cora is finally getting HAIR! Visions of bows and barrettes are dancing before my eyes, and I can't wait until I can actually use them. Every morning it seems her hair has grown more! It is coming in the exact brown as Eli's. Both kids have my exact hair color. How did Brandon's dark hair escape them??
6. Cora is still the sweet, joyful, gentle spirit like her Dad. She is affectionate and gives the most wonderful hugs and snuggles! I adore her!
7. She is still a bad sleeper, but is making some progress. I have been doing a little sleep training and am seeing improvement. I'm hopeful!
8. She has started growling more and more. She and I play a game where I copy all the sounds she makes and she loves it. Brandon plays peek-a-boo with her and gets some lovely squeals.
9. Cora is eating better and better! As of now she is eating: acorn and butternut squash, peas, sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots, bananas, apples, pears, oatmeal and rice cereal. I am really enjoying making her baby food!
10. People are always stopping to tell me how beautiful she is (of course :-)), but everyone fawns over her big round blue eyes. She is a doll!

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