Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Fun!

We had the most wonderful relaxing Christmas at my parent's farm! Eli has been begging to go to the farm again (he's determined he's ready to go "BY MYSELF"). We had to take off a day early because of icy weather. It was a little scary on the second half of our trip, but we made it safely, Praise God! The kids just had a ball. They played in the cabin, slid on the ice at the pond, played marbles, and just got smothered in attention. It was so great! We enjoyed so many delicious meals! I was ready to move back in and be cooked for every meal :-). Christmas Eve meal was steak fondue. Oh dear God it was good. Eli enjoyed singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus with a tasty caramel flan. We read Christmas books and put cookies out for Santa and cheese out for Santa Mouse. The next morning Eli was SO excited to go see if Santa had come. He was thrilled to get a huge candy cane. I think he licked on that thing for several hours. He enjoyed opening presents and played with his new marble maze for literally 8 hours. I had to bring him his food because he wouldn't leave it. The kids played with their new toys all Christmas day. We had to convince Eli that YES we were taking the marble maze with us and he was sure to oversee the loading of it. It was so fun!

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