Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rain rain go away....don't come back for a while please!

Woke up to another cold rainy miserable day, so I packed Eli up and we headed to the mall play place (since I knew that early there would be NO other kids to infect him with illness). A creepy guy was watching us and even came up to me and tried talking to me we left after about an hour. Luckily at the time I go there are 15 million mall walkers and older folks with their morning coffee clubs, so I felt safe enough. We tried to play outside all bundled up, but I was freezing and Eli's hands were getting red, so we had to head in. At least we got a few minutes fresh air running around. Tomorrow the weather man is PROMISING sunshine and he better be right! Eli has been really into building block towers right now. He can build a pretty tall tower and is very gentle and careful so it doesn't fall over too soon. Brandon taught him to fly his airplanes into them to knock them over. (9/11...yeah I know). He gets pretty frustrated if they fall over too soon, but I've been really trying to teach him that it's okay to mess up/lose/etc. I always say "Try, try again!" and it seems to be working. We've been doing a lot of art projects/crafts since the weather has been horrible. Yesterday Eli painted a pretty picture, then we glued beautiful Fall leaves onto it. I hung it in the window, and he is SO proud. The second Brandon came home he ran to show him his masterpiece. So cute! Time to make more leaf decorations to put around and add some color to this dreariness!

This afternoon I had a doctor's appointment with my beloved OB. I was glad to hear that my antibody screen was positive antibodies (from Eli's A+ blood). Seems that the Rhogam did the trick! He couldn't find a heartbeat (I'm only 10 1/2 weeks), since I'm still early so he was kind enough to suggest rolling in the sonogram machine so I could have peace of mind. It was obvious why he couldn't hear it because the placenta was blocking the entire front of my uterus. It's in a good spot he said, but just makes it hard to hear the heartbeat. We could see the baby beyond the placenta and there was a great little heartbeat beating away! I'm glad everything is going well....well except the fact that I'm out of jeans. I'm sad to say it is time to move onto maternity jeans. I'm almost out of the first trimester. This pregnancy is flying by! Brandon awoke at 4 a.m. this morning to find a little mouse (aka ME) nibbling crackers on the bed.....well make that a giant bloated mouse. I woke up and was so hungry I couldn't go back to sleep. Poor Brandon. I didn't want to wake Eli (always my main concern), so I was just crunching away in our room. Ah, pregnancy is crazy! I am extremely emotional this past week. Ask Brandon ;-) I think I've thrown a couple tantrums, cried if I've seen or read anything sad in the news or at church, bawled when watching my tv shows during Eli's nap at anything even romotely sad, etc. It is just rediculous. I don't remember being this way with Eli...but I probably was. I got an e-mail from a pregnancy site saying this week should be marked by extreme hormone reactions like crying etc.....they were RIGHT ON!!!!

Our neighbor's son finally died of pancreatic cancer this week. He's been living with his parents next door under Hospice care all summer since he was terminal. When he was diagnosed last spring they gave him a couple of weeks....he lived for over 6 months. Every day I'd watch him sitting on the porch while I played with Eli and try to imagine being in his shoes or being in my neighbor Tamara's shoes as she watches her son wither away quickly. I definitely have hugged Eli tighter. As a mother, I can't even imagine. Something doesn't feel right without Doug sitting on the porch swing trying to savor his last moments of fresh air. I'm glad he's no longer in pain and am praying he's with his creator!

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