Sunday, October 18, 2009


Eli came down with a cold on Thursday. I was so worried it was the flu, but we totally lucked out! So far, he's just had a runny nose and hasn't acted any different at all. He was overjoyed to have his grandparents here this weekend. We played a benefit concert at Vineyard with Mitch McVicker on Friday night. It went really well and was nice to listen to an amazing musician/performer after we were done while Nana babysat Eli. Saturday we just enjoyed a fun day with the family. Eli just goes crazy when they are here! He talks about them every day and demanded their attention every second! We took a long walk through Oak Park (large forest) near our house and gathered beautiful leaves. For lunch we hit up Panera. Eli loves Panera. He loves their broccoli soup and sat there perfectly eating away at all the healthy goodness. Saturday night, we went to a Japanese steak house to celebrate my brother and cousin's birthday. Eli loved the fire but whined/cried and said "DONE!" everytime the guy clanked the knives on the grill. He hates loud clanking noises like that. He scarfed down shrimp, rice, soup etc. but we took turns taking him out while the guy was cooking. So annoying! I was so tired after that meal. Ug! Brandon led worship today, and I was dissapointd all weekend I wouldn't be able to see him, since Eli was sick. Mom offered to watch Eli while I ran and enjoyed worship at church. It was wonderful! While I was gone she took Eli to Walmart and got him some wooden blocks and a giant bag of balls (which she put into our shower for a ball pit). Eli has been playing with both things all day. What a treat! He reminded us all day that "NANA!" had gotten those things for him. So cute!

I have several really exciting things to look forward to in the next few months! I'm so excited to see Wicked next weekend with Brandon and my brother. I saw it on Broadway on our NYC trip and it was so much fun I just HAD to see it again. It's our anniversary present. Halloween should be a blast this year. Then, in a month we have tickets to see Maroon 5 (our favorite band), which is our Christmas present to eachother! After that, Thanksgiving, sonogram on Dec. 8 (which we should be able to find out the sex), and Christmas! All of which I am stoked for!

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