Sunday, October 4, 2009


We played at the Orpheum Theatre here last night for Gracefest 09. It was fun! They had 4 Christian bands of different styles. It was amazing being up on the beautiful stage! Luckily my parents came and watched Eli for part of the time and my brother took over when the show started so they could come and watch. From sound check to finish we were there for 9 hours!!!! Luckly Eli was asleep most of that time. The last performer, Christopher Cody had a HUGE production. I mean, costume changes, like 9 performers, dancers etc. It was hilarious. He was the one who invited us to play at it. We were hanging out under stage in our dressing room and this lady came in...."Hair and makeup is ready for you." We all looked at eachother like....YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! What the heck, I had them touch up my make up and a couple of the guys had them do their hair. We never get star it was SO hilarious. We kept joking and laughing the whole time. Definitely an interesting experience. Eli and I were walking back from feeding the geese and one of our neighbors was having a garage sale. I saw this little kids plastic chair that I knew Eli would love. We snagged it and he helped me carry it home. Hoping to use it with his art table. He kept posing in it for me :-) The other picture is of Eli hugging the baby. At least a few times a day, he remembers the baby and will lift my shirt up to give the baby a kiss or hug or point and say "Bree". We've found one way for Brandon to really get snuggles from Eli is for Brandon to "scratch/tickle" his back. It's so cute. Melts my heart. I got some serious organizing done yesterday while Eli had some daddy son time. I went upstairs and sorted throught the baby gear taking off all the cloth covers on the car seat, swing, bouncy, etc. and put everything in trash bags ready to pre-wash when the time comes. Also, threw in bibs, burp rags, towels, bedding, etc. Anything to make it easier right before I have this baby! I'm going to have to use the dining room closet for some of the babies clothes etc. because our nursery doesn't have a closet. I bought bins/baskets and totally reorganized it, so there should be plenty of room for the baby stuff and all the other towels, sheets, etc. that need to go in there. Feels good to be getting stuff done gradually, so there will be less to do at the last minute. I know the next few months are going to fly by with all the holidays. Headed to Ethan Racchini's birthday dinner/party tonight. I'm so excited for Eli to play with the kids and have some fun with our friends! Brandon was commenting on how well he plays with other kids (for not being in daycare). Earlier, Brandon was walking him around and our neighbor's grandkids were out and he joined them. They were a lot older like 5 and 7, but Brandon was saying he had a lot of fun playing. They taught Eli how to "pound it". They kept telling Eli to "give me some knuckle" and Brandon said he immediately caught on and would pound his fist into theirs. SO cute! He's growing so fast.

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Jennifer said...

Heard you met one of my friends after your show at the Orpheum. He liked your music. Glad you had a good show!