Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday little brother!

I'm sitting here drinking a cup of warm hot chocolate hoping to scald away the chill of Autumn that has snuck in around here! I've already had the heater running at night a little bit to keep Eli snug. We'll have our first freeze this week! I'm glad I got my bulbs in! I have to admit, the crunchy leaves, crisp walks, pumpkins, soups, Halloween decorations....everything is exciting to me this year. I think it's because Eli's really old enough to enjoy and appreciate everything. Makes it all new and exciting for us too! As much as I despise the thought of Winter and being stuck inside, I keep reminding myself that you can't have Spring without it! Sunday evening we enjoyed a fun birthday party at the Racchini's house. Ethan turned two! I'll never forget the day of his birth because it was the same day I found out Eli was a boy. Eli had a great time playing with all his friends and loved all the goodies in his gift bag. Amy Racchini is expecting too right now and is due May 14th...a week after me! I'm so excited to have kids the same age again! The past couple days have been spent getting supplies for the chili party I'm throwing for my brother's 21st birthday and my cousin Sam's 20th! It's another cousin party! Woo hoo! We've been looking into seeing about putting a separate heating/cooling unit upstairs to get some more air flow up there. We're getting three different bids this week. I will never feel completely comfortable having our kids up there unless we can really regulate the temperature better. It is connected to the central air, but because this house is so old there is barely any air flow up there. We'll see what we can afford! Funny story time. Eli loves to toot. He's a boy through and through. The other day he tooted, laughed hysterically and decided he wanted to keep tooting. He balled his fist and was pushing as hard as he could to try and work some up. Brandon and I were rolling. He actually managed to get a few more out...much to his pleasure. What would we do without him? P.S.-That's Veggie and Ham Cheddar Chowder all over his face. He was licking the bowl clean. What manners ;-)

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