Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Enjoying furlough!

We are really enjoying Brandon's furlough this week! The first two days have been awesome! I haven't had any nausea, which has been great. Brandon had a physical for work yesterday. Then today Brandon had a dentist appt., Rica had a vet appt., and I had an eye appt. this morning. I scheduled 5 doctor's appts. this week while Brandon was off work. 4 done....one to go! I had to wrangle Rica at the vet and Eli at the same time. That was interesting. I didn't even think about the fact that Eli would think he was going to the doctor. The second we headed back to the room he started crying. He finally stopped after explaining, explaining, and explaining some more that RICA was getting the check up...and LOOK the doctor is not touching him but RICA! I explained each thing the doctor was checking on Rica and he started to enjoy it. I kind of went crazy and already did Eli's Christmas shopping the other day at Target. I am trying to only get him imaginative play stuff. I got him a food set (he loves feeding us or his stuffed animals pretend things) and a doctor's kit. He loves for Brandon and I to pretend to check him out, so I think we'll have fun with it! I also got him Candy Land. I know he's too young, but he knows his colors so I think next year he would be ready to play! We've spent a lot of time outside enjoying the fall like weather. We had coats on today, but it felt glorious! We went for a walk on the suspension bridge by our house and the Keeper of the Plains exhibit the other day to show my brother the "gremlin/demon/troll" art display that he had never noticed while running down there. I should have taken a picture...it's this weird creepy troll in chains under this grate that you walk on. At night it lights up and looks truly freaky. It was fun to let Eli run across the bridge! We've taken a lot of walks around Riverside and to the river to throw rocks in. The ducks/geese I swear are so silly. Even after they realize that Eli's throwing rocks, not bread, they still chase EVERY rock. So funny! Brandon went through a nesting faze today :-) ha ha. He cleaned out the garage until it was spotless. We did some other yard clean up that we never have time for. We took Eli to the mall to run around and run some errands this afternoon. He just loves running around like a wild man and always enjoys the flags, balloons, etc. I'm watching Eli splash around in the tub doing his nightly bath with Brandon in charge. Eli has started putting his face under the water and blowing bubbles (they often teach this in swimming lessons), so I'm glad he's on top of things! We just are in awe of him. He brings us so much joy and is SO affectionate and sweet. I am kissed/hugged/snuggled all day. He really shows me he loves me in return. I'm so grateful! By the way, that's Eli modeling his new coat his Grams sent up from Texas (similar to Brandon's). She also sent the CUTEST pairs of jeans. He was sporting them today!

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