Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Play day!

This morning I invited all of Eli's friends over (and my friends :-)) to play. Picture 5 toddlers and one baby running around playing! It was hilarious. They were so cute and saying the funniest things. Overall, everyone played very well besides the occasional sharing issue! We played a lot outside with chalk and balls. The kids all ended up staying for lunch. I laughed when I looked over at my friends Tanya and Amy all eating pizza and chicken nuggets with the kids. My, have our lives changed! It was neat because one of our new neighbors that has a little boy Eli's age just happened to be walking by, so I got to invite her in and Jackson got to play with all the kids too. I have been having a lot of moments of nausua throughout the day lately. I had a panic attack in Dillons when we were grocery shopping the other morning because I almost threw up. After shopping there for 5 years, you'd think I'd know where the bathroom was, but I had no clue! My other thought was how in the world am I going to do this with a cart full of food and a toddler??? Luckily the moment passed and I've still yet to throw up. I've found that I really need to keep my stomach full. If I ever let it get even close to empty I'm on the verge of throwing up. Pregnancy is the strangest thing. The only thing I've felt I could eat for lunch the past two days without getting sick was a Lean Cuisine (salsbury steak/macaroni cheese...gross I know). I haven't eaten one since I was pregnant with Eli. Isn't that weird? Exact same food both pregnancies. Maybe that means it's another boy???? Ha ha, who knows! My friend today predicted girl...that'll be the day!

Eli is getting really particular about who he wants to do certain things. He only wants me to comfort or kiss injuries and snuggle, and do his bedtime prayers. He only allows Brandon to play ball with him when he's home from work, and he'll only let Brandon push him in his riding car. The list could go on and on. It's hilarious! Today, when Brandon got home from work he totally rejected anything I wanted to play with him and would point to Brandon saying "DADA!" I went outside to see them and join in the play and Eli kept pointing at Brandon because he didn't want to play with me. I said to Eli, "You don't want mommy to play with you?" and he responded with his version of "YES!" Brandon and I were cracking up. Secretly, on the inside I'm like (THANK YOU GOD!). By the end of the day I'm ready for a break people!

We're getting ready for a wedding trip to Kansas City, so I was trying out some different outfits on Eli (all hand me downs) I just had to buy the tie! Score! He thought he was big stuff. I was melting in his cuteness! In the pictures of the boys playing, that's Seth Horst on the left and our new neighbor Jackson on the right! What fun little boys!

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Michelle said...

Emily - That's hilarious (sort of) about your Dillon's experience. I puked in the Aldi's parking lot on Monday. Talk about a miserable experience! The nausea, although annoying is SUCH a good sign though! Hope all is well! God bless!