Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, love!

Yesterday, was Brandon's birthday! We didn't have much of a chance to celebrate because our band was playing TWO shows at the Kansas State Fair. I never thought I was going to survive in the morning as I felt SO tired and yucky before we even got there, but once we did the first show I felt great. I have my worst pregnancy fatigue in the morning. The afternoon I'm usually great. We played at a small stage at lunch and at dinner played at a large stage. Both shows went great and we sold like 12 cds! Woo hoo! My mom watched Eli at our house and after his nap drove him the hour to the fair to spend the rest of the day with us. He had a BLAST with her and my dad. Mom got him all sorts of treats and dad took him to see all the animals during our second show. In between, Brandon took him down this giant slide (that most kids his age would find scary) but Eli loved it! He kept shouting MORE MORE MORE!! I swear he's not scared of anything! Brandon also took him on a train ride, which he loved as well. I'll have more pictures soon from my mom to post of his big day. Amy Racchini surprised Brandon with this guitar cake she made. Isn't it so cute! We did manage a few moments to celebrate!

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