Friday, September 4, 2009


Well, my pregnancy is starting out identical to my beginnings carrying Eli! My intestines are in constant turmoil :-) So far I haven't thrown up, but oh my word. There are some rumblings going on in my stomach. Brandon even put his ear to my stomach last night because I knew it would bring back some memories. He exclaimed he hadn't heard that since my last pregnancy! My whole issue with my last pregnancy was having the runs :-( Well, this one has started out like that as well. I'm figuring out how to be the best mom possible while feeling sick. So far, I've managed well. I even went out to eat with my brother/cousins last night and ate hummus and still felt good! Woo hoo! I figure I can feel sick at home or feel sick elsewhere where I might be more distracted and forget about it. Eli will already point to my belly if we ask where the baby is. And if you ask him if he wants a boy or girl of course he says BOY! Considering he can't say the word "girl" it's no surprise.

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