Saturday, December 6, 2008

Read Read and Read!

We are staying busy around here chasing Eli. He's getting better at walking/running every day. He plays this game where he runs towards you, and then at the last second cuts to the right and runs away laughing. We laugh because sometimes if he gets scared and thinks he might fall he closes his eyes...while running! Not a good combination! He likes to play the "closet game" where I go in the closet and he opens and shuts the door to find me. It's really cute. He's been really focused on open and shut, so we've been practicing with different things. He is babbling a lot, but we still can only notice Mama and Dada (which he now likes to scream at the top of his lungs at Brandon). He is in love with books. I think I have every book memorized and probably am reciting them in my dreams. He crawls or walks over to his books and picks out which one he wants you to read and then will sit down in preparation and whine until you read it to him. I've tried many a time to read a different book...he gets MAD! After reading "Brown Bear" for the twentieth time in a day, you would see why I'm suffering ;-) I'm just SO glad he likes reading and books....since he's a boy....I doubt it will last too long. He is still affectionate and does like to snuggle sometimes, even though he is a mover and a shaker! One of Brandon's old rooomates in college (he's actually 60 though) is staying in our basement while he looks for a job/apartment. Please pray he finds one soon!

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