Monday, January 2, 2012

20 Months

My little girl is getting close to 2! Pretty soon I will have a 4 yr old, a 2 yr old, and a newborn! That blows my mind! This age that Cora is at, is by far my favorite so far. She is hilarious! She talks like a 16 year old and always has us practically dying at her cuteness. At 20 months: 1. Putting several sentences together at a time (unbelievable to us, considering Eli didn't put words together until he was 3). She has a lot of little sayings she uses frequently like "NOT YET", "You get it!", "My turn", "I want that", etc.

2. She has started throwing her food to the dog a lot or pushing it off the table when she doesn't want to eat it. She is picky compared to Eli. She doesn't like to try new things, but once she does she will eat them. It can be pretty frustrating to slave over a meal for an hour just to see it thrown on the floor!
3. She is the queen of making faces. She is constantly making the funniest/cutest faces. If she's sad she'll pucker out her lip, which is so adorable. She loves to make different faces and we love all the variety. Drama queen!

4. She loves playing outside and can do the slide by herself now. She still loves the sandbox, walks, playing with Rica, and feeding grass to Carrot. She calls him "sweet baby". She wears her bike helmet around for no reason and looks like a bobble head. She can catch a ball and throw pretty well.

5. She can be SUPER clingy to me. We discovered this past week when she was sick she would not go to anyone else, even Brandon. It had to be me all night and day. It was rough. She still won't go to Sunday school on her own without me.

6. She loves compliments from Eli and will go and show him her clothes etc. and he will say, "You look VERY pretty!" They both tell each other, "I love you THIS much" and hold out their hands wide.

7. Cora loves playing doctor. She will claim to be Dr. Barker (our ped) and declare you "All better now!" after working on you.

8. She loves showers and playing with shaving cream.

9. She still loves Elmo and Veggie Tales and Brandon introduced her recently to Barney, which she loved and calls, "Barngy".

10. She loves to pray and reminds us every day at supper. She will cross her little hands and her bedtime prayers go on FOREVER. Usually I have to cut her off because she'll list every family member, cousins (espcially Jackie), Rica etc. It is so cute!

11. She is a little climber and scares us on a daily basis.

12. She still loves hide and seek and is constantly asking to play "GAMES"

13. Cora still loves barbies, dolls (which always have to be wrapped in blankets), but her favorite activity of all is playdoh. She is a playdoh addict!

14. She is wearing 18-24 month clothes or 24 month clothes. She's a growing girl!

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