Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's a BOY!

We had a great time on Monday at my 20 week sonogram! Both our parents were there and the kids, so it was a joyous and fun time. Eli was amazed at the baby moving on the screen, and when we saw it was a boy he said, "It's a BOY! I will share my trains with him!" My mom had a blue onsie, balloons, and blue ring pops for everyone. Knowing it was my last time to do this made it very special. Asher Graham Judson is our name of choice. Asher is a bible name that means "happy or blessed" and Graham means "abode". Graham is a family name on Brandon's side. I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders after seeing a healthy baby on the screen. The test showed no defects or problems besides him being breech presentation (which was exactly how Eli was but doesn't really matter since I'm having a c-section). The kids have been kissing my stomach and saying "Night night Asher!" Eli is determined to call him "Leaf" in some way. He sometimes calls him "Asher Leaf". It's hilarious! He declared yesterday, "I REALLY REALLY wanted a BOY!" (When in reality all along he has said "girl"). I have begun the fun process of going through all of Eli's old clothes and the baby gear. I am sorting through all of Cora's clothes and putting aside the ones I want to keep, sell, and give to friends. I am really excited to be in the last half of my pregnancy!

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