Friday, December 30, 2011


It has been a rough week of sickness around here. I feel so bad for my poor kids! They have really suffered. Eli has had croup, a fever, coughing, and starting last night double ear infections. I ended up taking Cora to the ER on Tuesday night for an ear infection. She is a tough cookie, so to see her so miserable was shocking. She has bronchiolitis too. They have felt okay during the days, but the nights have been horrible. I am thankful that now they are both on medication we should see some results and some relief for them. There have been two nights this week that I have gotten 1-2 hrs of sleep (last night being one of them). I have to say, whenever I have had rough times this year, God always gives me beautiful weather to gain back my sanity and get some sunshine to brighten all of our spirits. We have had some great moments outside this week! We have gotten so many things on our "to do" list done and it feels great!

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